Citizen's Complaint re: Bike Florida, Inc. (501c3)

#1 - Spending of public grant money by Bike Florida, Inc. is not in accordance with FS: 320.08058 (30).

#2 - Business methods of Bike Florida, Inc. constitute "unfair competition" for tax-paying Florida businesses.

On June 6, 2019,
a complaint documented with information from the public domain was sent to a certain Florida Senate Committee.
Within days, Bike Florida, Inc. announced a new mission and completely removed its former website.

PS - the timing was just a coincidence it seems (see - opens in new window)

On January 21, 2020,
an audit was commenced by FLDHSMV of Bike Florida, Inc.

The evidence documenting the complaint above has been temporarily removed from this website,
pending the results of this State audit.

In the meantime,
look for an open letter to VISIT FLORIDA shortly.

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